Saturday, February 27, 2010

So between work and school...

I have absolutely NO time for fun things. Good thing spring break is in a week! Not that I will be able to relax and have some fun, because three teachers have informed us that spring break means nothing to them. So spring break for me will be same amount of work, with a fraction less school work. Then to top it all off family will be in town the week after for a funeral :( and im only able to miss one class that week because since the one I want to miss while theyre here is a flex course, I cant miss more than 180 minutes of class time. Theres 120 minutes per class, I have two that week, so one day I will have to go. Probably the Tuesday one so I can help out more the day before the funeral. So atleast I will get time in with them.

Next rant.

Have you ever heard of fainting goats? I almost peed my pants when I saw this video, now I want nothing more for my birthday than a herd of fainting goats. :)

Another thing, I GOT AN AWARD!!!
Twice, does that mean im 2x as beautiful as when I started blogging? Whatever. So I originally got this award from Jo over at My Own Breed Of Random a few weeks ago, but I didnt know enough people to re award it to without them getting it twice in like three days. So I waited. My patience apparently paid off because Sara awarded me the other day!
So here's 7 things you probably dont know about me.

1. I have the biggest obsession with the band HoneyHoney. I am currently wearing a shirt I got for free from a small gig they played after opening for Lifehouse at a cd shop in Winter Park. Its bordering on an unhealthy obsession. The main reason im so obsessed? I am friends with the lead singers cousin, but only became friends after I met the band. How cool is that? 

2. I hate the taste of Aquafina water. Dasani is next up. My favorite water is Nestle. Wierd. A baking goods company has yumm-o water.

3. I have taken the same math class in college 3 times because I cant understand it. I finally went and took the one below it and am passing with flying colors. Now that its almost halfway through the semester im getting VERY scared to take the next one. Try 4. Now I have to pay out of state tuition which bumps it up from 379.00 for 3 credit hours to 1199.00 for 3 credit hours. To top it off im going to try to take it over summer so I can try to catch up the semesters I missed when I aspired to become a dog trainer(Bad Idea). Hopefully if I do both summer sessions I can be on my way to my B.A. next Summer/Fall.

4. My socks hardly EVER match. I have no idea what happens to them. Between the dogs and that damn monster that lives in the dryer, I think I only have three pairs of matching socks out of like 30 socks.

5. I absolutely hate it when people use the word "Actually" to correct people. It gives an air of dis-approval and condescention and really makes me like them that much less. 

6. Anything flavored cherry makes me want to puke almost instantly. The exceptions to this are as follows: cherry popsicles and cherry chapstick.

7. I am a technology geek. Not like designing computer programs or server analysis or anything. I just like playing with electronics. I have on me at any given time, a cell phone, ipod touch, two laptops in the trunk(original laptop and netbook I got last year for my birthday)and a portable cool little thing I carry in my pocket and it gives my computer and iPod wifi. 

Now I would like bestow this award to the blogs I cant stay away from:


Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Olympics

I am finally getting to watch them for the first time this year!! Ice skating is on and I just watched a girl bite it! Im hooked!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Sunday, aka Dump Day.

I went to the dump on Sunday!! It was my first time!! Aside from the crazy attendant asking me if I had an calico cat's I wanted to give up, it was great!! Here's some pictures!

You can kinda see the big hill behind those trees, thats where they bury everything. Theres a ton of birds circling but you cant really see them. ( I promise they're there)

This is the pavilion they tell you to drive up to, then theres a crazy guy that directs you to which bay your to back into. I think he wanted my calico cat to eat. He kept licking his lips. Gross.
You back into the stall and unload your shit into a dumpster, now this is not what I had in mind at all. When the dumpster gets full a semi comes and takes it down a creepy back road, I don't know where it goes after that.
This is the weigh station you have to enter and leave through. They keep your debit card while you dump, kinda odd, I guess that way I cant dump without paying.
(Yes, scoff as much as you would like, I did wear a white and black jacket to dump trash, and it stayed clean)
The little pond/river next to the weigh station, I wonder what kind of monster mutants are living in there.
The cool airport towing mascot truck, its a semi with an airplane cockpit attached! Genius. If I were driving one of those, I bet you would get out of my way!!
And then, disaster struck...
It turns out, up to three tire places will keep putting air in it till you get to the right place that will replace your tire, only problem is the wait. All I wanted them to do was put the stupid spare on. They told me it would be about 2 hours till somebody could see me. Want to know how to get them moving faster? Offer to change it yourself in the parking lot, then argue with the manager that you are fully capable of doing it all by yourself, you just may need to borrow some air when your done. That lit a fire under their asses! A mechanic pointed me to the bay I was supposed to pull into about three minutes later. Then poses the question, how many trained mechanics does it take to get a spare tire out from under a truck? I can do it myself on my own, apparently they cant.

After all is said and done, I tipped the guys fifteen bucks and drove to the tire store that had the right tire. Now im a little leery of the dump, im scared it will pop more tires, and I cant afford that!

On a lighter note, look at this cute freakin puppy I got to play with today! Its a Boerboel Mastiff and super expensive, but horrifically adorable. I couldnt get a still picture of him, so heres one from online.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lack Of Blogging...

I want to apologize that I have been a bit detached from correspondence and blogging. I am in the middle of a great book series and I just got an Ipod touch that I cant put down. So things will resume like normal shortly once the effect of a new toy wears off. Thank you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I took some pictures today while out on my day trip with my valentine(mom). Hope you enjoy!!

The Dunes on Satellite Beach.

The Atlantic Ocean.

A cruise ship in Port Canaveral, you can see it from the highway! Thats big.

Did you guys think I would have cool pictures of me in action catching a football or running or something?? Crazy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My first go-round with crafts...

I just blew 70 bucks at JoAnn Fabrics...I had a great crafty idea in class tonight and bought the supplies and cant wait to get home! I have a llama, some ketchup, fuchsia sequins and a tether-ball, half way done!! 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Have A Dream...

Well, I HAD a dream. Last night. I cant remember anything about it now though, but I remember this song was playing during it the whole time. Now I cant get it out of my head.

10 things...

I narrowed it down to ten things that have caught my fancy today while surfing the internet at work. Enjoy.


10. Who doesn't want a hamburger phone?!?


9. Those are just too cute!! The cutest S&P shakers ever!


8. I. Love. Clocks. Period.


7. Umm, this is just really cool. They have a few different shapes and you can stack these and make a cool looking mosaic of grass! The white on green looks amazing.


6.Delivered in one piece, it's meant to be broken by you and a loved one into two, perfectly matched rings. That way, when together, you really do "complete each other". Gaggingly cute! Now to find my perfect other half.


5. The Magic Beans are carved with secret messages that you will see when they grow above the surface!

4. ANOTHER CLOCK. I'll put this one on the table under the wall clock. This Jonas Damon Numbers Clock is so bad ass, and it has an alarm!


3.Why not, maybe one day im feeling a bit trunky. I can thrown on my mask and cape and be an elephant for a day!! 


2. I love this watch so much. I have it in black, but gunmetal looks even better!


1. I would like to grow a pair and get another tattoo this year. It has been over two years since my first and I think that's long enough. :) I can get glow under black light ink like this guy! I think it's actually a pretty neat tat!


Now you know what I do at work all day. Find silly baubles to buy online that are WAYYY out of my price range.

Friday, February 5, 2010

So I put it on trying to be funny, then it got stuck. This face is me saying "Get this off me!!" Never again.

How could you say no to that face??

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stop having the boring tuna!!

If you like sham-wow's, your going to LOVE the Slap Chop!! And you thought he only slapped hookers!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creepy looking bathroom at school last night. It looks like it would be normal to see water running down the walls and a light flickering. The sinks were clean though.