Sunday, March 28, 2010

Duke vs. Baylor

So i'm so excited for this game. I'm all settled in at work, with a beer, some pretzels, my Zoubek jersey an ice cold Gatorade and my Duke shirt,  i'm all set to watch this great game!! Its raining out, so that means NO CUSTOMERS!!! Its not raining hard enough to close though. :( Oh well, I could use the hours/study time/basketball watching. GO DUKE!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a day!!

Here's the WHOLE story. 
I guess when bands come into a town and they have a few spare days to hang out, they hire a company to take them around. Well, this company contacted me at work two days ago and asked if it would be cool to bring a "rock band" out here to hit golf balls and some people want to interview them while theyre here, and if we hook them up with some golf balls they will do some advertising and throw our name out there. So, I, in charge of apparently PR now think this is a heck of a good idea. I wasn't supposed to work today but I came in to hang out with the A.M guy and see this "rock band". It was a band called Attack Attack, they're in town doing two shows at The Social and they were super nice. It was kinda chaotic trying to get a picture with all the stupid interviewers but I ended up over an hour late to class, but hey, if Attack Attack gets big, I got me a picture with them!! 

So rewind to about an hour before they show up, I was talking to a customer, just making idle chit chat and I say, "stick around, we got a rock band coming out, maybe you can meet them!", to which the guy I was talking to replied, "Honey, I just got signed by J Records in January, as an R&B artist why would I like to meet a rock band?" WHOA. So i'm like, no way, your lying, well guess what, he's wasn't lying. He showed me his under construction profile on the label's website and then showed me pictures from his signing where Alicia Keys and some other R&B-er attended. So thats kinda cool. Of course I got a picture with him too!! He was so nice, and he let me listen to a few of his song's that he just recorded, and if I was a fan of R&B I would like it, but im not, but he is talented though. He just moved into my friends neighborhood and he said he would definitely come around more often and he likes the "small town atmosphere" of this side of town. 
WHAT?? A town that has a population of over 2 million people?!? Thats not counting the county area, just the Orlando Metro area. I can see where he would feel like its a small town. :)

So it's been quite the day, now im back at work. I was an hour late to class, the the teacher was none too happy. I'm thinking I want to pick up a new hobby. I think it's going to be concerts, a lot of bands have come through or around Orlando recently that I haven't been able to see due to: lack of money for tickets, school, cant take time off work, or nobody to go with me. So I noticed there's a few concerts coming up that I think no matter if I go alone, or have to call out of better believe i'm going. :) 

About to pee my pants in excitement!!

Now I have been talking to this company that bands hire to take them around in the cities where they're touring and they want to come hit golf balls, so where's the best place in Orlando to do that? You guessed it, my place!! (not my actual house, but my job) So today is the big day!! The sound crew and camera crew have been here and were just waiting for the band. Ill give more details after and pictures!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Would Your Rather Wednesday!!

It's that time of the week!!

Ok, here we go!!

Would You Rather Die By...
 being burned in a fire,
stabbed in the spinal chord 6 times.

I would choose being stabbed. Hopefully the first or second blow to the spinal cord would paralyze me to the point of not being able to feel it anymore. 

I hate being burned.
I worked at a pizza place making pizza's when I was 17 and as I was sliding a pizza into the oven, the back of my left hand scraped down the length of the inside of the oven door, oh man that hurt like a mother! The people inside eating probably heard the most creative words they have ever heard in their lifetime all strung together in one breath. You know what my boss said when he walked in the back after me?

He said, "Oh man, that looks like it hurt, are you able to finish your shift?". I ended up finishing it, even though you use the back of your hand frequently to stretch the dough, I managed like a trooper!!  I had to have my hand wrapped in gauze and wear a glove while cooking for the following two months. It used to be a pretty wicked scar but it has since faded to a less noticeable one. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Can we all get together?

I want to get about 1000 people together, and give every one of them a Sky Dancer and on the count of three release them. I think it might break a record, along with my bank, but hey, it sounds super fun. 

Do you remember Sky Dancers? 

I remember wanting as many as possible. Its always great to think back to the things we loved growing up. Like pog's, skip-it's, Oregon Trail and the original Transformers on super early in the morning.
Whats your favorite memory of growing up?

I can't sleep. :( I have work first thing in the morning. This does not make for a good Monday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day Late...Would You Rather Wednesday...on Thursday!

So, family has been in town and I have been cramming school and homework in between, that leaves no time for blogging! So now that I have a free 37 seconds, let's do this shit!

Would you rather...

Eat a handful of hair 
Lick three public telephones?

*Things to consider-The hair hasn't been washed in a month, and its not yours. The telephones have been used by at least one person who had/has swine flu.

Hair grosses me out so bad if its not on someone's head. Even then, sometimes it can still be gross. I would lick the three telephones any day. Have a few more transients couch on them please! The grossest thing is having to clean the shower drain of hair that isn't yours. Insta-gag.

Your turn.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome to the first ever...Would You Rather Wednesday!!

Ok, here's the deal. I ask a would you rather question, you answer which you would rather do and if you have a reason then give it. Let the games begin!!

Would Your Rather...
publish your diary 
make a movie on your most embarrassing moment? 

I would pick my most embarrassing moment. Now I have had a few, but the most vivid one would be back when I was on a bowling league, I think I was like 13, my team had made it to the state finals in West Palm Beach FL. My teammates and I thought it would be a great idea to go see the movie Man On Fire before we were scheduled to compete. Of course being the juvenile I was, and I was with immature boys and a girl, we thought it would be funny to throw popcorn in front of us. This one lady in particular had this hairdo that was begging for some popcorn. So after a few throw she turns around and starts cussing us out during the movie. The guys thought it would be hilarious (don't judge me I was 13 and trying to be cool) as we were walking out to run past the lady and pretend she tripped me, since things like this rarely ever turn out as planned, I waited behind for my group to go on ahead of the lady, I take off running out of the theater into the hallway, I am even with the lady on my right, I proceed to pretend to trip, actually trip and bust up my elbow. Right in front of the lady!! I roll onto my back and am holding my elbow and she walks over to me and says, thats what you get for throwing popcorn!! I deserved that. So I get my elbow all bandaged up and were almost late to play, but we end up taking home 2nd place, me and my pretty bandaged elbow. :) 

Your Turn.

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is sad. I got this bill today and made a remark about it and the guy who gave it to me went off on how God should be separated from everything. I think its a stupid controversy and that no matter what religion you are, you still believe there is a higher power. Also, isn't defacing money a felony? So when you see the bills with the "" on it, is that considered defacing? Or no since its a government circulation program. Hmm.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On my way to take my mid-term!!