Friday, August 27, 2010

On Hiatus...

But until everything goes back to normal, here's a really funny video.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Glee, it's like crack...

I just watched an episode of Glee. I was glued to my TV, I couldn't look away! Does that make me gay? :)

He looked like a dinosaur!

So the other night at work, we had a visitor walking through the field. He almost got hit quite a few times. The guy working outside was so scared to pick him up, he finally got him and brought him inside. He then ended up taking a tour of the clubhouse. Here's a video of his journey.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When words aren't enough...

There really isn't any point to this post, except to state:

Erin Kelly is the hottest thing since molten lava.

This is the background of my phone right now.

And do you see how small that snapping turtle is?!? 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Closed In Observation of July 4th...

July 4th was yesterday!! Why do we need to observe a holiday that already has passed? Banks, Schools, even some restaurants are closed. What am I doing for this stupid fine "observation" day? Working. On top of that, everyone who gets this so called holiday off...comes to hit golf balls. 

Here's the finale of the fireworks show I got to see last night. I was two lakes over so they were kinda far away. Everyone around the lake was so festive though, and the dog has his american flag cape on, some of the fireworks people were setting off over the lake were almost better than the ones the city did. :/

Sorry the video is so shaky, I was laughing, and I had to replace the audio because the background noise was so loud. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Before and After...The Great Project

Its called the Great Project

It consists of: wet sanding the entire car, buffing the entire car, washing, waxing, touching up spots missed.

"Wet Sanding: is the process of removing imperfections from your car's paint through the process of applying sandpaper to the clear coat. It is a process undertaken by only the most stringent perfectionist and is incredibly labor intensive."

Whoa. So I was super hesitant about this project, but I was none too happy when the dealership repainted it last year under warranty and the paint seriously looked wrinkly and blurry. If I would have known they were going to do such a crappy job, I would have paid the difference for a good paint job, therefore not having to go through this process 6 months later.

Step 1: Remove couple layers of clear coat with super fine grit sandpaper and water.

The trunk was first.

Then the roof.

Before you know it, the entire car was blurry.

Step 2: Buff the hell out of it.

In the end it came out amazing, the guys at the car wash that did the buffing job were so great, I thought I was going to have to wax it myself but they threw that in for free! Then they went over it so many times once I got there to make sure it was perfect and to my liking. It kinda made me feel like a princess. *twirls*   :)

The final product was like glass, running your hand over the paint feels so smooth, compared to the bumps and divots in it prior. So all I have to say in closing is: Suck it Mitsubishi, the paint looks good no thanks to you! :)

I Finally Saw It


Last night. 6pm showing. Got there 35 minutes early. Read a book until it started. 

So, when one gets to a theater early, it gives them the opportunity to pick the BEST seat in the house. For me, I personally love right in the middle of the row, about halfway up. Who doesn't? Prime seating. Well, once I got settled, a couple came and sat on my right, they left the customary courtesy seat empty between us. I'm ok with that, and I would have thanked them right then if I knew what my immediate future entailed. About ten minutes until the movie was to start, two mothers and two daughters (age 7 or so) enter from the left into my row. There was like 6 seats to my left, they took up four, and left two on the end open. THEY SAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME!! There was no good reason they couldn't give me the empty seat courtesy, hello, have they never read the movie theater courtesy guide? Whatever, I shrug it off and figure the theater is going to get packed, maybe they're being courteous and leaving those two seats open for someone else. Now I wouldn't be so lucky. The movie starts and I hear, "MOMMY! I WANT TO SIT THERE NEXT TO (insert other child's name here)!!!" I hadn't notice that the children were sitting separately, so the woman next to me, stands up and switches seats with assumed daughter. I now am sitting elbow to shoulder with a 7 year old. Yay. I cant wait for the shirtless Jacob scenes.
So, said scenes happen, the ENTIRE theater, sounded like the gays were present in full force (unless straight men have suddenly taken a liking to a freakishly buffed out wolf-kid), whooped at the chiseled bod of Jacob. The girls next to me start giggling like they're f-ing high. Its just nipples girls. Jeesh. 
I'm sorry, but Stephanie Meyer could have held off on writing such corny lines, there were a few times that almost everyone erupted in laughter because of how awkward the actors sounded when they had to utter those lines with a straight face. Also, the actors could have tried to seem like they cared, they're acting seemed forced and was it me, or did Kristen Stewart just seem like she would have rather been anywhere else than acting for this movie. Her eyes just looked dead, and it looked like it pained Robert Pattison to smile. There was one hair-do of Bella's where she had it half of her hair pulled up out of her face and I would bet money it was the same wig they had Jacob wear in the first movies. 
All in all it was a good experience. I would definitely go to see it again, and I may bring things to set in the chairs next to me to pretend like i'm holding them for someone. :) 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It was called Kick Ass, and it did just that.

So I went out on my voyage of self discovery last night and decided on going to see a movie, BY MYSELF.
Now, for those of you who don't know me, I am a super shy person, I don't mind crowds if I'm with another person(s), but by myself, no can do. So I was thinking, Hey, Eclipse is out now, I'll go try to see that! What was I thinking!?! As I walked out of the parking garage into the upstairs part of the mall where the theater is, I was assaulted by what seemed to be THOUSANDS of BOD wearing, peach fuzzed faced, Pokemon playing prepubescent teens all waiting to get into Eclipse.
It was opening night.
How could I have forgotten the mass hoards of people who maniacally drool and fight over who's the next,
Mrs. Cullen

Or to be ravaged by Jacob Black.

So I played it cool, and pretended to get a phone call, and turned around and walked back out to the car. I decided I wasn't going to give up so easily and that no matter what I was going to see a movie. So I turned the car around and went down the street to the dollar theater. 
Who doesn't like dollar theater's, they're so cheap, the floors are so sticky, and the seats always seem to be damp. 
So I walk in there, so excited to be doing something so independent, and I walk up to the movie board...and the only thing playing around 10 was Kick Ass. 
I took a chance, and remembered that I knew of someone who saw it and liked it, so I bought my ticket, popcorn, drink and Reese's Pieces, and 15 dollars later I was in my seat waiting for the movie to start.
There was a surprising amount of people in there for a late movie that has been out so long and I was shocked to see a family of 6, a dad and 5 sons ranging from 7 to 13, in an R rated movie! It may just be me but that just seems wrong on so many levels. Anyway, the movie was pretty good, funny in parts, it was a shock to see Nicholas Cage in it. The Mist-mobile was pretty sweet, I'm not a Mustang fan at all but this one all decked out looked pretty nice. I really want to price Lambo doors for my car now, I'm sure I could install them myself, save on some labor, you just may have to enter and exit my car through the windows. :) 
I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it when it comes out, I would definitely watch it again. Seeing this movie makes me really want a butterfly knife and to learn how to use it. :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

When blogging takes a backseat to life...

I have been gone for a while now, a lot has happened and I just don't really feel much like writing anymore. I don't feel like my creative juices are flowing. 

Life kinda got turned upside down and i'm still trying to recover, so at this point blogging has been put on the back burner until further notice. 

I'm going to try to sign on and keep up with everyone else's blogs, but its going to be hard. Hopefully once school starts back up and can find a normal routine again, I can get back into the game, but as of right now, i'm benching myself. :/

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gay Days 2010...Count Me In!

Its that time of year again...



Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Rest Of It...

This has been such a busy weekend! Let's start with the rest of the pictures from the New Orleans Trip, if you dont know what im talking about, catch up here and here.

Here's a better picture of the creepy Living Statue thing.

Here's the Pedestrian mall, I guess it was over for the day because everyone had packed up and left, there was only like three carts out. The stores on the right were all still open, they had really neat stuff. (But super expensive)

I absolutely LOVE the fire escape on that building. I have never seen a fire escape like that and was absolutely amazed at it's being. I love the look of this street and want to live in a city with buildings over looking a main street AND have a fire escape outside of my window that I can sit on at night and just watch people and time go by.

By now it's starting to get dark and getting closer to when we need to go stake out our place in line to get into the show, because even though we had tickets, the place only held 1000 people. I wish I would have had the guts to cross the street and take a picture of the hoards of lesbians waiting to get into this concert. Honestly, there were about 50 straight women, 5 guys(3gay), and the rest were lesbian's. I can't say it shocked me, because the turnout was the same when we saw her play in Tampa last year. Anyway, here's some stuff from the concert. To get an idea where we were, there wee two levels and the upper level hung over the stage on the sides. We were on the upper level on the side, about 20 feet away. She looked at the upper level more than the pit in front, it was amazing to make eye contact with someone your such a big fan of. Sonja almost peed her pants. :)

Apparently, if your video is over three minutes long, you can't post it, I practically have the entire concert on video, so here's the only two videos I have that are under three minutes.

We left to head home after the concert around 1 am, we made it into Florida and around 6am we had to stop because we couldn't stay awake any longer. Even almost hitting a raccoon doing 95MPH didn't keep us awake. So we pulled into a rest stop and napped for an hour. When we woke up we wanted to make it back into town for breakfast at our favorite restaurant before we passed out, so in kind of a hurry, Sonj wasn't watching her speed, and we definitely didn't see the trooper radaring up ahead. So 281 dollar speeding ticket later, were back on the road. We made it home in time for brunch, then got a two hour nap in before work. It was an amazing trip, and I cant wait to go back. I loved the city, all the people there were so kind and courteous. We wanted to go back for the Gulf Aid Relief concert that Ani is playing in, but money and work got in the way. Maybe next time.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Road Trip Part II

Hello again!! More pictures from our Road Trip to New Orleans!!

We just parked and started walking down the French Quarter. That's not me in the green. :)

This is one of the stores we stopped in for souvenirs. The beads on the top, yes, those are women riding on flying penis's. There are more naughty ones but I didn't get any good pictures of them.

This guy/girl creeped me out. He/she is a live statue. I had never seen one in real life. I felt the need to tip him/her to take their picture.

Sonja stood in traffic to get this picture. We listened to the song Decatur at least 100 times the whole trip. Go here for the cool video to it.

I have a ton more pictures of us in the French Quarter, but they're all on my phone and I don't have the connector. I wont post all of them, because who wants to look at all the shops we went into, although all the shop doors doorhandles were at like knee level, I guess in case the town gets overrun with gnomes, they can still open the doors, rather tan chew through them. :)
The actual concert post is coming soon, i'm trying to figure out how to upload video's straight to the blog because youtube is being a little bitch, so i'm refusing to use it now. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Things Tuesday...Road Trip Edition!!

Welcome home to me!! If anyone hasn't heard yet, Sonja and I went on a road trip, there was a concert in New Orleans, and after a few grueling hours of calling employees to get our shifts covered for Saturday and Sunday morning, we did it. We went to see Ani Difranco perform at Tiptina's, its a 10 hour drive there, we made it in 9. We left Orlando at 8am Saturday morning, the documenting of our trip will be portrayed in pictures and captions. :) This trip will be broken up into three posts, so without further adieu...

Welcome to the second consecutive Two Things Tuesday!! Road Trip Edition!! This may be a long one...hold on tight!!

Two Bridges: (well, maybe three)


Two State Signs: (We missed Alabama, then refused to go back because its a slightly smelly state ((No offense to anyone who lives in Alabama)))
The Mississippi Welcome Center is like a mansion. Literally. You walk in and it has massively high ceilings, chandeliers, and the sweetest little old women behind the counter. They asked us to sign the register and if we wanted coffee, and I, who am ever hesitant about accepting coffee from strangers, politely decline, Sonja accepted. Turns out it was the BEST coffee we had ever tasted. So that's what the gratified look in her picture while holding her cup up is.

I dropped my camera trying to take a picture of this sign. :( It didn't break thankfully. Louisiana, what can I say? It's pretty much just a great state. They're coffee wasn't as good, but not as bad as Florida's.

I was surprised as to how clean they're public restrooms were, it was so clean it was picture worthy. 

Two of my favorite road signs:
Just because Pascagoula is a fun word to say...more on the "Tunnel Ahead" later.

I got so excited to see this sign...WELCOME TO NEW ORLEANS!!! (and I had to pee so bad)

-Now the tunnel, keep in mind, they don't have tunnels in Orlando, or surrounding cities I have been to. This was Sonj and I's first tunnel experience together! 
It's like you experienced it with us! 

Two water towers: 
Biloxi, Mississippi. 

Spanish Fort Town Center, I have no idea what state this was taken in. Sorry. :(

Two of the classic "Take a picture of the person taking a picture of you":
We had to. :)

That's all for today, and the select few pictures of our trip up there. Next post is our few hours in New Orleans, then the concert. :) Tons of pictures and a few videos if I can figure out how to do it. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

On the road!

We have been on the road now since about 8am. Florida is freaking huge to drive out of, our ETA into New Orleans is looking like 6pm. Trip is going great!! Only stopped twice so far, have both iPods and a few movies, I think were set!! 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Things Tuesday!

Welcome to the first Two Things Tuesday!! Be my guest to take it and run with it!

Two things your wearing right now:
1.New Oakley Shades
2. Cute Blue Nike's

Two places you have been today:
1. Barnes and Nobles
2. School

Two drinks you have drank today:
1. Gatorade (Orange)
2. Vanilla Latte

Two people you have hung out with today:
1.Mike at work
2. The Sonj at Barnes and Nobles

Two places you would like to visit:
1. Paris
2. Hawaii

Two trinkets you would like to own:
1. A remote control airplane (One of the super cool ones)
2. A bicycle that actually works for more than a mile before the chain falls off.

That's all for today, not sure how two things Tuesday will work out, probably like Would You Rather Wednesday, maybe that will happen this week, who knows. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day Festival

Today was the Earth Day festival downtown and it was amazing! We walked around for over two hours and still didnt get it all in. All the food was amazing and im pretty sure it was all vegan, I dont remember seeing or smelling meat, so that was cool.
My favotire stand was the Homemade Soap guy, all of them smell so good and did you know you can have a "Soap Party" in your home for only 100 bucks? Its like 5 people and the guy supplies all the stuff and you end up with over 40 bars of soap. It's pretty neat, I was standing at the table smelling some soaps and the guy was tlaking about having a soap party and the lady next to me started giggling and elbowing me like im not listening, so I make a comment about how a soap party sounds fun and she replies, "Yeah, we could all get naked and wash each other with the soap we made!" I guess I had this horribly scared face on because she quickly tried to correct herself by saying, "Only if there's cute boys around". Oh lady, that's not why I was scared, I forgot to mention that she was north of 55. Yikes.
Then we found this booth that had almost every veg sticker I have wanted off different websites so much cheaper than online! I ended up getting like 20 stickers, not too sure what im going to do with them not, but I have them!
Later in the evening I decided to celebrate passing those two finals last week AGAIN by going shopping. I went to American Apparel, Oakley, and Nike. I may have no money now but at least I can play the poor college student easier. Now tat I have unpacked all of my findings and put in a load of laundry to wash over-night, I think it's time for bed. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beach Day! And the beginning of Foto Friday!

So in celebration of passing my two finals I had this week, I went to the beach! I got super sunburned, I wasn't planning on it, I usually don't burn thanks to me being part Indian and having a more olive complexion, so I figured that it wouldn't hurt to throw on some SPF 4 and try to get my first tan of the season, so here's what happened. I go out and lay on my back for two hours or so and I get up and look, no tan lines, hmm, ok, so I lay for another hour, no tan lines, what the heck is going on, I try to tan my back, nothing, around 2  give up and we head home because I have to be to work at 4 and it's an hour drive home. I get home and look in the mirror and i'm a lobster. Usually if I don't use any lotion, my tan lines show up while im in the sun and I can judge about how much longer before I burn.
So now i'm fried, I cant wear pants, only shorts, the tops of my feet may possibly blister, and my thighs are so hot you can feel the heat radiating through my cargo shorts. It's slightly painful, but I love sunburns, so much, I love the beach and sun burns remind me of the beach. It's a good type of pain. I didn't get in the water though, it was too cold. The Sonj wanted to feel "beachy" so she washed her hair in the ocean, she didn't get all the way in, she stood in the calf deep water and leaned over, it was really funny when a huge wave came and soaked her, I could have said "watch out!" but where's the fun in that? I took some pictures, hope you guys like!

Everyone seems to have a "mirror" picture, so I figure I needed to get with the times. That's the new waterproof camera, and it truly is waterproof, good thing because I dropped it in the ocean twice. :)
I also found great nail polish the day before at Walgreens and it just so happened that it matched my camera...and the blue pens I use at work. I'm scared when I take it off it will have stained my nails an awkward fungi looking color.

These are the dunes you have to walk around to get to the part of the beach we go to. I took one picture of this, then didn't like how it came out so I took a second one and Sonja popped in right as I took it.

Every picture that the Sonj took of me was me in action, who poses anymore?!? Some shots were intentional and some were accidental but most of them all came out pretty well.

This is my favorite picture I took all day. When your walking up to the shoreline there's a strip probably about four feet wide and runs the length of the beach of nearly perfect shells, even as the tide was coming in, none of them washed away. It was really neat.

Here's a better picture of the weird but pretty strip of shells. Also there was a lot of crab holes and a surprising amount of crabs out during the day time. There was one huge crab hole and a big crab that kept throwing dirt out of his hole about a foot away from our blanket, his beady little black eyes were so cute.

This is the view from the very tippy top of the bridge going over the Inter-coastal Waterway, sometimes you can see a school of dolphins swimming in here and people on the boats trying to feed them. If you click on the picture im pretty sure it gets bigger and on the horizon to the right is the Kennedy space center and you can see the launch assembly building. Its really cool to see it when they roll the shuttle out, it is huge, the building looks small and the shuttle look tiny on TV but up close, holy mackerel its huge! I want to try to go see the next launch, but that depends on the work schedule.

Hope you liked! It's almost like you enjoyed the day with me, except you didnt get a tan from it. :) Dont worry, I got enough sun for all of us.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's one word...two syllable's...happens from the sun...sounds like run-durn...yep, it's SUNBURN.
Spent the day at the beach today, forgot the cable for the camera at home so ill do the full post tomorrow. :) until then i'm going to suffer in silence while working and soak up all the compliments on my new rosy complexion.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He might be from outer space.

So I went shopping last night after class and found the perfect camera for me at Target. I'm so happy to not have to lug around my bulky Canon Rebel Xt.  The new camera is waterproof. I think that's the best thing ever, and I didn't spend a fortune on it, all I want is a camera I can beat up and bang around and not worry if it breaks.
I was playing around with it this morning trying to figure out all it's function's and I found this little guy that has been hanging out on the counter for almost three years now, he doesn't get thrown away and nobody really knows what he is, but he's darn cute. I have no idea what he is and he doesn't have any sort of brand on him. So I took a picture to see how well they come out and to try to figure out what this little guy is, if anyone has an suggestion's let me know, as of now everyone refer's to him as Frank, so you can too.
Now that I have this cool little camera I want to try to document my life better, yeah I have a ton of pictures on my phone, but they all look so crappy and I wouldn't ever want to show them because of the quality, so from now on I hope to have a ton more picture's in this blog, since I started this blog originally as a picture blog I want to try to get it back to that. Don't worry though, i'm sure my long boring post's will still commence, just now there will be picture's to go along with it. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010's not for everyone.

So, I needed a super easy credit class for this semester that doesn't involve alot of homework, not much studying and only once or twice a week. Well I found that perfect class. Birdwatching. It is the easiest thing I think I have ever taken. The only assignments are to sit outside two times a week and record what I see and hear with my birding guide, and once a week write a quick summary about the "field trip" we took the week before. Piece of cake.
So, the in class part is Friday nights from 7 to 8:30, not bad, I get off work at 4 I have time to get cleaned up and head out. Then Saturday morning we meet from 8:30 to 2pm, and this time we usually go somewhere to look for birds at like a park close to campus.
Well two days ago(Saturday) was our BIG final trip that is like 85% of our grade. Instead of staying close to Winter Park, we made the trek and met up at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Since I dont think ANYBODY who reads this knows what im talking about in the slightest, its about an hour's drive from my house, hour and a half from the campus. So we were supposed to meet up at a boat ramp at 7:30 am to drop off some cars and carpool together because its one of those driving tours where you stop every 100 yards to get out and walk around. 
The Sonj and I took my car and didn't quite volunteer to take anyone, but if someone wanted to ride with us we wouldn't turn them down, so we went into this thing thinking it was going to be miserable. It was amazing. We have to keep a tally of what birds we see and how many of each and the species topped over 50 and grand total was over 1000 birds. I got a few great pictures, sorry if the resolution isn't that good I took it off my crappy phone camera.

This is the first time we got out and I tried to take a picture over the girls head who was looking in the scope we had set up, we were looking at a family of wood ducks about 500 yards out. You cant see them in the picture but I promise they're there.

 This picture is just an odd gathering of rocks that I thought look pretty neat. I was trying to figure out a way to make it seem like those are super big boulders and its a really big drop off into the huge lake behind it, but then I realized the shadow of my camera was in it. So it's not boulders, its just rocks.

This is a really cool picture, it was the only path that wasn't paved in tromped over grass, we took this path to the dock about halfway down and apparently I wasn't the only one who thought it was a great photo-op, not only did Sonj and I pose in front of this long lane, but about half the class did also. 

This is by far my favorite picture, I like how you can see the line where the sun came from behind the clouds in the top of the picture.

The trip was so great and relaxing and I surprisingly had a blast. I only have one week of it left and am actually sad it will be over. It's such a fun class and exceeded every expectation I ever had for it. If you attend college or you know of a birdwatching class in your area, sign up, it may sound corny and you might not want to tell your friends about it, so just keep it your little secret and take it, its well worth it.