Monday, February 22, 2010

My Sunday, aka Dump Day.

I went to the dump on Sunday!! It was my first time!! Aside from the crazy attendant asking me if I had an calico cat's I wanted to give up, it was great!! Here's some pictures!

You can kinda see the big hill behind those trees, thats where they bury everything. Theres a ton of birds circling but you cant really see them. ( I promise they're there)

This is the pavilion they tell you to drive up to, then theres a crazy guy that directs you to which bay your to back into. I think he wanted my calico cat to eat. He kept licking his lips. Gross.
You back into the stall and unload your shit into a dumpster, now this is not what I had in mind at all. When the dumpster gets full a semi comes and takes it down a creepy back road, I don't know where it goes after that.
This is the weigh station you have to enter and leave through. They keep your debit card while you dump, kinda odd, I guess that way I cant dump without paying.
(Yes, scoff as much as you would like, I did wear a white and black jacket to dump trash, and it stayed clean)
The little pond/river next to the weigh station, I wonder what kind of monster mutants are living in there.
The cool airport towing mascot truck, its a semi with an airplane cockpit attached! Genius. If I were driving one of those, I bet you would get out of my way!!
And then, disaster struck...
It turns out, up to three tire places will keep putting air in it till you get to the right place that will replace your tire, only problem is the wait. All I wanted them to do was put the stupid spare on. They told me it would be about 2 hours till somebody could see me. Want to know how to get them moving faster? Offer to change it yourself in the parking lot, then argue with the manager that you are fully capable of doing it all by yourself, you just may need to borrow some air when your done. That lit a fire under their asses! A mechanic pointed me to the bay I was supposed to pull into about three minutes later. Then poses the question, how many trained mechanics does it take to get a spare tire out from under a truck? I can do it myself on my own, apparently they cant.

After all is said and done, I tipped the guys fifteen bucks and drove to the tire store that had the right tire. Now im a little leery of the dump, im scared it will pop more tires, and I cant afford that!

On a lighter note, look at this cute freakin puppy I got to play with today! Its a Boerboel Mastiff and super expensive, but horrifically adorable. I couldnt get a still picture of him, so heres one from online.


  1. Dumps are scary places. We actually lived near an abandoned dump once and Travis and I totally played in there. So gross when I think about it now.

  2. I love reading about garbage! I think its my janitor nature.