Saturday, February 27, 2010

So between work and school...

I have absolutely NO time for fun things. Good thing spring break is in a week! Not that I will be able to relax and have some fun, because three teachers have informed us that spring break means nothing to them. So spring break for me will be same amount of work, with a fraction less school work. Then to top it all off family will be in town the week after for a funeral :( and im only able to miss one class that week because since the one I want to miss while theyre here is a flex course, I cant miss more than 180 minutes of class time. Theres 120 minutes per class, I have two that week, so one day I will have to go. Probably the Tuesday one so I can help out more the day before the funeral. So atleast I will get time in with them.

Next rant.

Have you ever heard of fainting goats? I almost peed my pants when I saw this video, now I want nothing more for my birthday than a herd of fainting goats. :)

Another thing, I GOT AN AWARD!!!
Twice, does that mean im 2x as beautiful as when I started blogging? Whatever. So I originally got this award from Jo over at My Own Breed Of Random a few weeks ago, but I didnt know enough people to re award it to without them getting it twice in like three days. So I waited. My patience apparently paid off because Sara awarded me the other day!
So here's 7 things you probably dont know about me.

1. I have the biggest obsession with the band HoneyHoney. I am currently wearing a shirt I got for free from a small gig they played after opening for Lifehouse at a cd shop in Winter Park. Its bordering on an unhealthy obsession. The main reason im so obsessed? I am friends with the lead singers cousin, but only became friends after I met the band. How cool is that? 

2. I hate the taste of Aquafina water. Dasani is next up. My favorite water is Nestle. Wierd. A baking goods company has yumm-o water.

3. I have taken the same math class in college 3 times because I cant understand it. I finally went and took the one below it and am passing with flying colors. Now that its almost halfway through the semester im getting VERY scared to take the next one. Try 4. Now I have to pay out of state tuition which bumps it up from 379.00 for 3 credit hours to 1199.00 for 3 credit hours. To top it off im going to try to take it over summer so I can try to catch up the semesters I missed when I aspired to become a dog trainer(Bad Idea). Hopefully if I do both summer sessions I can be on my way to my B.A. next Summer/Fall.

4. My socks hardly EVER match. I have no idea what happens to them. Between the dogs and that damn monster that lives in the dryer, I think I only have three pairs of matching socks out of like 30 socks.

5. I absolutely hate it when people use the word "Actually" to correct people. It gives an air of dis-approval and condescention and really makes me like them that much less. 

6. Anything flavored cherry makes me want to puke almost instantly. The exceptions to this are as follows: cherry popsicles and cherry chapstick.

7. I am a technology geek. Not like designing computer programs or server analysis or anything. I just like playing with electronics. I have on me at any given time, a cell phone, ipod touch, two laptops in the trunk(original laptop and netbook I got last year for my birthday)and a portable cool little thing I carry in my pocket and it gives my computer and iPod wifi. 

Now I would like bestow this award to the blogs I cant stay away from:



  1. I know girl- I miss the emails! :) HAHA!! How are you coming on reading?

    And yeah- I suck at Math. (blog hug) I took accounting as a pre-req and I was so excited to pass with a C-.

  2. Awwww honey, u are super awesome. I cant stay away from your blog either cause it rocks DuH!!! I tried to convince my mom to get some fainting goats because she has a farm, but she thinks its so mean that i just want to chase them around to make them faint. SO she wont... :(


  3. aww thankyou- its the first award my geek blog has received! yay!!