Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Things Tuesday!

Welcome to the first Two Things Tuesday!! Be my guest to take it and run with it!

Two things your wearing right now:
1.New Oakley Shades
2. Cute Blue Nike's

Two places you have been today:
1. Barnes and Nobles
2. School

Two drinks you have drank today:
1. Gatorade (Orange)
2. Vanilla Latte

Two people you have hung out with today:
1.Mike at work
2. The Sonj at Barnes and Nobles

Two places you would like to visit:
1. Paris
2. Hawaii

Two trinkets you would like to own:
1. A remote control airplane (One of the super cool ones)
2. A bicycle that actually works for more than a mile before the chain falls off.

That's all for today, not sure how two things Tuesday will work out, probably like Would You Rather Wednesday, maybe that will happen this week, who knows. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day Festival

Today was the Earth Day festival downtown and it was amazing! We walked around for over two hours and still didnt get it all in. All the food was amazing and im pretty sure it was all vegan, I dont remember seeing or smelling meat, so that was cool.
My favotire stand was the Homemade Soap guy, all of them smell so good and did you know you can have a "Soap Party" in your home for only 100 bucks? Its like 5 people and the guy supplies all the stuff and you end up with over 40 bars of soap. It's pretty neat, I was standing at the table smelling some soaps and the guy was tlaking about having a soap party and the lady next to me started giggling and elbowing me like im not listening, so I make a comment about how a soap party sounds fun and she replies, "Yeah, we could all get naked and wash each other with the soap we made!" I guess I had this horribly scared face on because she quickly tried to correct herself by saying, "Only if there's cute boys around". Oh lady, that's not why I was scared, I forgot to mention that she was north of 55. Yikes.
Then we found this booth that had almost every veg sticker I have wanted off different websites so much cheaper than online! I ended up getting like 20 stickers, not too sure what im going to do with them not, but I have them!
Later in the evening I decided to celebrate passing those two finals last week AGAIN by going shopping. I went to American Apparel, Oakley, and Nike. I may have no money now but at least I can play the poor college student easier. Now tat I have unpacked all of my findings and put in a load of laundry to wash over-night, I think it's time for bed. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beach Day! And the beginning of Foto Friday!

So in celebration of passing my two finals I had this week, I went to the beach! I got super sunburned, I wasn't planning on it, I usually don't burn thanks to me being part Indian and having a more olive complexion, so I figured that it wouldn't hurt to throw on some SPF 4 and try to get my first tan of the season, so here's what happened. I go out and lay on my back for two hours or so and I get up and look, no tan lines, hmm, ok, so I lay for another hour, no tan lines, what the heck is going on, I try to tan my back, nothing, around 2  give up and we head home because I have to be to work at 4 and it's an hour drive home. I get home and look in the mirror and i'm a lobster. Usually if I don't use any lotion, my tan lines show up while im in the sun and I can judge about how much longer before I burn.
So now i'm fried, I cant wear pants, only shorts, the tops of my feet may possibly blister, and my thighs are so hot you can feel the heat radiating through my cargo shorts. It's slightly painful, but I love sunburns, so much, I love the beach and sun burns remind me of the beach. It's a good type of pain. I didn't get in the water though, it was too cold. The Sonj wanted to feel "beachy" so she washed her hair in the ocean, she didn't get all the way in, she stood in the calf deep water and leaned over, it was really funny when a huge wave came and soaked her, I could have said "watch out!" but where's the fun in that? I took some pictures, hope you guys like!

Everyone seems to have a "mirror" picture, so I figure I needed to get with the times. That's the new waterproof camera, and it truly is waterproof, good thing because I dropped it in the ocean twice. :)
I also found great nail polish the day before at Walgreens and it just so happened that it matched my camera...and the blue pens I use at work. I'm scared when I take it off it will have stained my nails an awkward fungi looking color.

These are the dunes you have to walk around to get to the part of the beach we go to. I took one picture of this, then didn't like how it came out so I took a second one and Sonja popped in right as I took it.

Every picture that the Sonj took of me was me in action, who poses anymore?!? Some shots were intentional and some were accidental but most of them all came out pretty well.

This is my favorite picture I took all day. When your walking up to the shoreline there's a strip probably about four feet wide and runs the length of the beach of nearly perfect shells, even as the tide was coming in, none of them washed away. It was really neat.

Here's a better picture of the weird but pretty strip of shells. Also there was a lot of crab holes and a surprising amount of crabs out during the day time. There was one huge crab hole and a big crab that kept throwing dirt out of his hole about a foot away from our blanket, his beady little black eyes were so cute.

This is the view from the very tippy top of the bridge going over the Inter-coastal Waterway, sometimes you can see a school of dolphins swimming in here and people on the boats trying to feed them. If you click on the picture im pretty sure it gets bigger and on the horizon to the right is the Kennedy space center and you can see the launch assembly building. Its really cool to see it when they roll the shuttle out, it is huge, the building looks small and the shuttle look tiny on TV but up close, holy mackerel its huge! I want to try to go see the next launch, but that depends on the work schedule.

Hope you liked! It's almost like you enjoyed the day with me, except you didnt get a tan from it. :) Dont worry, I got enough sun for all of us.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's one word...two syllable's...happens from the sun...sounds like run-durn...yep, it's SUNBURN.
Spent the day at the beach today, forgot the cable for the camera at home so ill do the full post tomorrow. :) until then i'm going to suffer in silence while working and soak up all the compliments on my new rosy complexion.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He might be from outer space.

So I went shopping last night after class and found the perfect camera for me at Target. I'm so happy to not have to lug around my bulky Canon Rebel Xt.  The new camera is waterproof. I think that's the best thing ever, and I didn't spend a fortune on it, all I want is a camera I can beat up and bang around and not worry if it breaks.
I was playing around with it this morning trying to figure out all it's function's and I found this little guy that has been hanging out on the counter for almost three years now, he doesn't get thrown away and nobody really knows what he is, but he's darn cute. I have no idea what he is and he doesn't have any sort of brand on him. So I took a picture to see how well they come out and to try to figure out what this little guy is, if anyone has an suggestion's let me know, as of now everyone refer's to him as Frank, so you can too.
Now that I have this cool little camera I want to try to document my life better, yeah I have a ton of pictures on my phone, but they all look so crappy and I wouldn't ever want to show them because of the quality, so from now on I hope to have a ton more picture's in this blog, since I started this blog originally as a picture blog I want to try to get it back to that. Don't worry though, i'm sure my long boring post's will still commence, just now there will be picture's to go along with it. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birdwatching...it's not for everyone.

So, I needed a super easy credit class for this semester that doesn't involve alot of homework, not much studying and only once or twice a week. Well I found that perfect class. Birdwatching. It is the easiest thing I think I have ever taken. The only assignments are to sit outside two times a week and record what I see and hear with my birding guide, and once a week write a quick summary about the "field trip" we took the week before. Piece of cake.
So, the in class part is Friday nights from 7 to 8:30, not bad, I get off work at 4 I have time to get cleaned up and head out. Then Saturday morning we meet from 8:30 to 2pm, and this time we usually go somewhere to look for birds at like a park close to campus.
Well two days ago(Saturday) was our BIG final trip that is like 85% of our grade. Instead of staying close to Winter Park, we made the trek and met up at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Since I dont think ANYBODY who reads this knows what im talking about in the slightest, its about an hour's drive from my house, hour and a half from the campus. So we were supposed to meet up at a boat ramp at 7:30 am to drop off some cars and carpool together because its one of those driving tours where you stop every 100 yards to get out and walk around. 
The Sonj and I took my car and didn't quite volunteer to take anyone, but if someone wanted to ride with us we wouldn't turn them down, so we went into this thing thinking it was going to be miserable. It was amazing. We have to keep a tally of what birds we see and how many of each and the species topped over 50 and grand total was over 1000 birds. I got a few great pictures, sorry if the resolution isn't that good I took it off my crappy phone camera.

This is the first time we got out and I tried to take a picture over the girls head who was looking in the scope we had set up, we were looking at a family of wood ducks about 500 yards out. You cant see them in the picture but I promise they're there.

 This picture is just an odd gathering of rocks that I thought look pretty neat. I was trying to figure out a way to make it seem like those are super big boulders and its a really big drop off into the huge lake behind it, but then I realized the shadow of my camera was in it. So it's not boulders, its just rocks.

This is a really cool picture, it was the only path that wasn't paved in tromped over grass, we took this path to the dock about halfway down and apparently I wasn't the only one who thought it was a great photo-op, not only did Sonj and I pose in front of this long lane, but about half the class did also. 

This is by far my favorite picture, I like how you can see the line where the sun came from behind the clouds in the top of the picture.

The trip was so great and relaxing and I surprisingly had a blast. I only have one week of it left and am actually sad it will be over. It's such a fun class and exceeded every expectation I ever had for it. If you attend college or you know of a birdwatching class in your area, sign up, it may sound corny and you might not want to tell your friends about it, so just keep it your little secret and take it, its well worth it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Took me over 3 hours, but this is possibly the best cd I have ever made! If I had a cassette player I would make mixtapes for everyone!! (But cds are a bit expensive, so email me if you want one!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Would You Rather Wednesday!! (Actually on Wednesday this week!!)

Ok, so I was brushing my teeth and thought of a fun one for this weeks Would You Rather.

Would You Rather...
Have super white teeth, but ample amounts of face hair
Have super white teeth, but oddly disproportioned arms.

Things to Consider: If you shave the hair, it grows back within a day, long sleeve shirts, clothes in general, razor blade prices.

I would pick the ample amounts of face hair. I could shave my head, tape my chest down and be fricken Paul Bunyon for a month. With super white teeth. :) 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maybe you can help me out...

What makes people think they have the right to treat you like shit if they are paying you. Like the assholes that clearly see you have your hand extended, en route to meeting their hand and they go over your hand...to throw the money on the counter. Or, when they walk up and hand you money and stare at you. How am I supposed to know what you want if you don't speak. It's not even that big of a decision. Golf Balls or Tokens. Two choices. Then once you pick, decide how many you want. No I cant make that decision for you, its your call. Also, if your cage breaks...don't come in here and DEMAND a token to reimburse you. 1. It's not my fault the cage didn't throw you all ten stupid baseballs, don't take it out on me, and 2. I ALWAYS reimburse people if something happens, I'm not a bitch, if something happens and you don't get your full money's worth, ill throw you a token or two, there's no need to tell me I need to give you another token like its the last hit of crack after a five day binge, with some transients, under an interstate overpass, in a bad part of town. Haven't they ever heard of Karma? I don't want to be around when it all comes back around. Yikes.

On a lighter note, the end of the semester is coming near, and I am all registered for my summer classes and am so excited to start! Also, Holly the ferret went to the vet yesterday because she had fleas that I couldn't get rid of, no matter what I did. The doctor said she was super healthy, I guess the weird, syrupy/vegetable oil looking stuff that she goes nuts over has vitamins in them, the doc likes ferrets to weigh in at 2 pounds max and little Holly weighs in at a whopping 2.8 lbs!! What a fatty!! Oh yeah, by the way, found out that after a year, Holly...is a him. Yep, after owning her for almost a year now, just now found out she is a he. Apparently, all ferrets in the United States come from Marshall Farms in California, so they fix and descent them almost as soon as they're born, so they don't have enough time for they're external genitalia to develop, so it makes it very hard to figure out the gender of a ferret. I took the store clerks word for it when they said he/she was a girl. I have decided to keep his/her name Holly because that is what he/she comes to. So from now on I have a transvestite ferret and I'm ok with that.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life Update-Explanation For Not Blogging Lately.

So I haven't been around much. Blogging that is. I have only posted things that don't take much effort.

So after high school, I wanted to live the good life and work for a year, save up, and party to the hardest. So I did that, realized that I wanted an education and get a career. I decided I wanted to be a dog trainer. I love animals, all kinds, if I had to make a list of my animals, it would be 3 dogs, 2 cats, a ferret, a bird and 2 mice. Its the whole fricken food chain! Anyway, I figured, what better to do than to pursue a career in the field of animals?!? So I went to "Dog College", (that's not its name but I don't want to get in trouble for bad mouthing them), the college is actually in California, it's a beautiful campus. So I signed up to do it online from here in Florida.
The program was supposed to be completed in 16 weeks, 14 at the earliest. I got about 12 weeks into it and was SO tired of working with dog's and their owner's I called dog college and told them to put my account on hiatus. Well, after that I went back to school at an actual college here in Orlando, and have just recently(in the past 8 months) declared my major. So, dog college calls me up a few weeks ago and pretty much said, "Hey ASS, we know you dont want to become a dog trainer, but you signed up for this crazy freaky payment plan and you cant finish paying it off until you finish the program." So, im taking 5 classes at college here, I am already so overloaded with homework and upcoming exams, and dog college tells me that I can skip the last two steps (volunteering and being a mentor to a newer student) by just automatically taking 5 points off my final exam. I took that minus five points in a heartbeat! So they sent me my final and told me I had a week to finish it starting last Monday. It was 150 multiple choice and 45 essay questions. I wanted to cry. Last week was the week of 3 exams in actual human college. I don't think I slept for at least four days. All my hard work, and determination payed off though!! I passed all three exams with flying colors and I will find out Tuesday if I am a certified dog trainer.
The good part, the only reason im not kicking myself for wasting the 4,787 dollars on dog college is, it gives me something to fall back on if I want a career change when im older. So now its back to the grindstone of human college, finals are coming up, presentations are due, but I figured out my schedule for this year and its looking like I dont have to take 6 classes each semester until I graduate! I can take 2 classes over summer, that way I only have to take 4 classes this fall and 4 classes next spring and im done!! I am so excited to be able to say I will have my AA by next spring! Took me long enough. :)
I also have been working about 45 hours per week since we lost an employee a few weeks ago, so not much has been going on. Posts will resume on a more regular basis hopefully soon.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just a little morsel...

This has got to be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Poor little guy, just wants to be one of the gals!!

Would You Rather Wednesday!! (technically on thursday AGAIN)

Would you rather...

Do the macarena in front of everybody on a table 


dress up as a chicken and dance like a freak in front of everybody?

I'm pretty sure i'm not the only person who has done some sort of instructional dance in a big group. If ive done the electric slide, I can do the macarena. Care to join?