Friday, May 7, 2010

Road Trip Part II

Hello again!! More pictures from our Road Trip to New Orleans!!

We just parked and started walking down the French Quarter. That's not me in the green. :)

This is one of the stores we stopped in for souvenirs. The beads on the top, yes, those are women riding on flying penis's. There are more naughty ones but I didn't get any good pictures of them.

This guy/girl creeped me out. He/she is a live statue. I had never seen one in real life. I felt the need to tip him/her to take their picture.

Sonja stood in traffic to get this picture. We listened to the song Decatur at least 100 times the whole trip. Go here for the cool video to it.

I have a ton more pictures of us in the French Quarter, but they're all on my phone and I don't have the connector. I wont post all of them, because who wants to look at all the shops we went into, although all the shop doors doorhandles were at like knee level, I guess in case the town gets overrun with gnomes, they can still open the doors, rather tan chew through them. :)
The actual concert post is coming soon, i'm trying to figure out how to upload video's straight to the blog because youtube is being a little bitch, so i'm refusing to use it now. :)


  1. Post more French Quarter pictures!! I have always wanted to go there! :) Girl- those beads look awesome. My friend Lisa would totally love those. :)

    The live statue is scary.

  2. I went to Nawlins a few months ago. Such a nice place! Though I don't think I'd ever be able to live there.