Monday, January 25, 2010

So, at dinner, my vegan friend debuted her newest concoction. Peas, carrots, raw spinach, Ritz crackers and hummus. It tasted better than it looks.


  1. Vegetables are yucky. :( HAHA! I'm probably the pickiest eater you'll ever know!

    I just realized that you love memoirs (me too...hey twin!). Have you red Jen Lancaster? Or "I'm Down" by Mishna Wolff? Jen is AWESOME. I love her to bits. :)

  2. I think I might be the only vegetarian who doesnt eat vegetables except for raw green beans (dipped in ranch).
    I have read alot of memoirs over the past few years but the only ones that come to mind right now are Augusten Burroughs, the first and second book was good but the rest seemed to be stretching a bit, slightly repetitive.
    Kathy Griffins was HORRIBLE. She is by far one of my favorite comedians, but her book sucked, I didnt finish it.
    One that had a HUGE impact on me was surprisingly Marlee Matlin. That was an amazing book, it was so inspiratonal and actually made me cry at certain parts.
    So I guess I recommend those three.
    Ill look into Jen Lancaster and Mishna Wolff.