Friday, January 29, 2010

Under The Weather...

Today Orlando ranks in the Top 5 worst cities in the nation for pollen count. Guess what. I am severely allergic to pollen. Any kind, im not biased. I'm an equal opportunity allergy case.

This is what I feel like. I seriously feel like I got hit by a truck. Now did you guys really think I would post a picture of myself in all my swollen, stuffy, red glory? Heck no. I will use this small nameless child as an example.

Oh, yes, this is what it making me sneeze, and have a runny nose, and my left eye slam shut for god knows how long.

This just sucks. I have been taking medicine for a month now anticipating allergy season and what good does it do me?? NONE! I accidentally over -dosed on medicine last night and I still feel like total and complete shit. On the box it warns you that if you take more than one pill per 24 hours the worst that will happen is sever drowsiness. I got so excited!! So I took another one. What sucks the most, I couldn't sleep, it did just the opposite. I was lying in bed, my heart started racing, I got twitchy, and wide awake. When my allergies get bad, sleep is just a dream. If I lay down everything settles and my head pounds, if I roll to one side or the other, snot goes everywhere. If I sit up and try to sleep it runs down my face. Not to mention the sneezing fits that seem to last at least 5 minutes each time. Then comes the red nose from blowing it CONSTANTLY. This just isn't a pleasant time, nor do I sound very flattering. I sound like a woman who smoked two packs a day for 60 years. I'm scared to answer the phone at work, in case someone mistakes me for a him and calls me sir. YOUR WORKING?!? You may say. Ohh yes, nothing comes between a man and his golf balls. Its really fun when I bend over a bucket and snot threatens to fall out of my nose and into the bucket. So, i'm stuck here, working/dying till 4 today. Then have MOUNTAINS of homework to do. When do I get a break?
If anyone knows a good, easy vegetarian chicken noodle soup recipe, send it my way. Or make me some and send it. If you have any good allergy remedies or weird stuff you do to help them please don't hesitate to let me know! My head might actually explode before the day is over. :(


  1. HAHAA.. I have no allergies. But you should totally post a pic. I'm braless and makeup less on mine so there. :)

  2. And I applaud you for your boldness! The medicine has kicked in a bit and the swelling and redness are going away, if it flares up ill take a pic and personally email it to you. :)

  3. ok, all i can say is YUCK! and that's why i don't live in florida! have you tried 'claritan d'? you don't need a script, but have to show id to purchase. your description gave a fair picture of the state you are in, but a picture of you might gain even more sympothy :)