Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So do you remember when I posted the temperature the other night being at 29?? Then me saying I cheated and sprayed my car hoping it would be a fool proof way to freeze? Well it never froze, my car was bone dry when I got up the next morning. So I figured that Father winter knew I was trying to trick him so I didnt spray my car again. Last night it was about 34 when I went to bed around midnight and I got up to this...FINALLY!!!

This is what my car looked like in the sun!!

My mom had hers parked in the shade, this is hers...

So I know it's not much, but to me its a freakin winter wonderland!! I was like a kid, snapping pictures, scraping the windshield, then throwing the scrapes of ice in the air and pretending it was "snowing". My neighbors must have though me to be insane! So I just wanted to thank father winter for freezing my car!! 


  1. I don't understand why you want it to freeze...

  2. I'm guessing it doesn't normally get terribly cold where you are hehe. In DC, we just started regularly getting above freezing again and my friends back in Ohio are looking forward to 30.

    At 29, if you wanted your car to freeze over, you'd have to run the hose over your car for days... the hose would probably freeze over before the car. sorry :(

  3. No, it normally doesn't get any where near this cold. This is a record year. We usually have lows in the winter in the 50's and high's in the 70's during the day, in January we can sometimes get in the 60's but its freakin cold this year.