Monday, July 5, 2010

Closed In Observation of July 4th...

July 4th was yesterday!! Why do we need to observe a holiday that already has passed? Banks, Schools, even some restaurants are closed. What am I doing for this stupid fine "observation" day? Working. On top of that, everyone who gets this so called holiday off...comes to hit golf balls. 

Here's the finale of the fireworks show I got to see last night. I was two lakes over so they were kinda far away. Everyone around the lake was so festive though, and the dog has his american flag cape on, some of the fireworks people were setting off over the lake were almost better than the ones the city did. :/

Sorry the video is so shaky, I was laughing, and I had to replace the audio because the background noise was so loud. 

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  1. i didn't go golfing. i stayed inside becos i had a huge migraine from the heat. do i win something? :0p