Thursday, July 1, 2010

It was called Kick Ass, and it did just that.

So I went out on my voyage of self discovery last night and decided on going to see a movie, BY MYSELF.
Now, for those of you who don't know me, I am a super shy person, I don't mind crowds if I'm with another person(s), but by myself, no can do. So I was thinking, Hey, Eclipse is out now, I'll go try to see that! What was I thinking!?! As I walked out of the parking garage into the upstairs part of the mall where the theater is, I was assaulted by what seemed to be THOUSANDS of BOD wearing, peach fuzzed faced, Pokemon playing prepubescent teens all waiting to get into Eclipse.
It was opening night.
How could I have forgotten the mass hoards of people who maniacally drool and fight over who's the next,
Mrs. Cullen

Or to be ravaged by Jacob Black.

So I played it cool, and pretended to get a phone call, and turned around and walked back out to the car. I decided I wasn't going to give up so easily and that no matter what I was going to see a movie. So I turned the car around and went down the street to the dollar theater. 
Who doesn't like dollar theater's, they're so cheap, the floors are so sticky, and the seats always seem to be damp. 
So I walk in there, so excited to be doing something so independent, and I walk up to the movie board...and the only thing playing around 10 was Kick Ass. 
I took a chance, and remembered that I knew of someone who saw it and liked it, so I bought my ticket, popcorn, drink and Reese's Pieces, and 15 dollars later I was in my seat waiting for the movie to start.
There was a surprising amount of people in there for a late movie that has been out so long and I was shocked to see a family of 6, a dad and 5 sons ranging from 7 to 13, in an R rated movie! It may just be me but that just seems wrong on so many levels. Anyway, the movie was pretty good, funny in parts, it was a shock to see Nicholas Cage in it. The Mist-mobile was pretty sweet, I'm not a Mustang fan at all but this one all decked out looked pretty nice. I really want to price Lambo doors for my car now, I'm sure I could install them myself, save on some labor, you just may have to enter and exit my car through the windows. :) 
I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it when it comes out, I would definitely watch it again. Seeing this movie makes me really want a butterfly knife and to learn how to use it. :)


  1. I thought it was great, too! Very entertaining. I love any scene where Hit Girl is kicking butt, and Nicholas Cage was really funny in it.

    Still, I am a bit horrified that someone brought young children to that movie. It is not a light R. That can't be good for the children.

  2. I know- I really want to see Kick Ass. I will- for sure now. :)