Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Finally Saw It


Last night. 6pm showing. Got there 35 minutes early. Read a book until it started. 

So, when one gets to a theater early, it gives them the opportunity to pick the BEST seat in the house. For me, I personally love right in the middle of the row, about halfway up. Who doesn't? Prime seating. Well, once I got settled, a couple came and sat on my right, they left the customary courtesy seat empty between us. I'm ok with that, and I would have thanked them right then if I knew what my immediate future entailed. About ten minutes until the movie was to start, two mothers and two daughters (age 7 or so) enter from the left into my row. There was like 6 seats to my left, they took up four, and left two on the end open. THEY SAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME!! There was no good reason they couldn't give me the empty seat courtesy, hello, have they never read the movie theater courtesy guide? Whatever, I shrug it off and figure the theater is going to get packed, maybe they're being courteous and leaving those two seats open for someone else. Now I wouldn't be so lucky. The movie starts and I hear, "MOMMY! I WANT TO SIT THERE NEXT TO (insert other child's name here)!!!" I hadn't notice that the children were sitting separately, so the woman next to me, stands up and switches seats with assumed daughter. I now am sitting elbow to shoulder with a 7 year old. Yay. I cant wait for the shirtless Jacob scenes.
So, said scenes happen, the ENTIRE theater, sounded like the gays were present in full force (unless straight men have suddenly taken a liking to a freakishly buffed out wolf-kid), whooped at the chiseled bod of Jacob. The girls next to me start giggling like they're f-ing high. Its just nipples girls. Jeesh. 
I'm sorry, but Stephanie Meyer could have held off on writing such corny lines, there were a few times that almost everyone erupted in laughter because of how awkward the actors sounded when they had to utter those lines with a straight face. Also, the actors could have tried to seem like they cared, they're acting seemed forced and was it me, or did Kristen Stewart just seem like she would have rather been anywhere else than acting for this movie. Her eyes just looked dead, and it looked like it pained Robert Pattison to smile. There was one hair-do of Bella's where she had it half of her hair pulled up out of her face and I would bet money it was the same wig they had Jacob wear in the first movies. 
All in all it was a good experience. I would definitely go to see it again, and I may bring things to set in the chairs next to me to pretend like i'm holding them for someone. :) 

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  1. Totally agree. I know Kstew cut her hair for her role in The Runaways- but come on. You can't tell me they couldn't find a better wig. LAME.