Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome to the first ever...Would You Rather Wednesday!!

Ok, here's the deal. I ask a would you rather question, you answer which you would rather do and if you have a reason then give it. Let the games begin!!

Would Your Rather...
publish your diary 
make a movie on your most embarrassing moment? 

I would pick my most embarrassing moment. Now I have had a few, but the most vivid one would be back when I was on a bowling league, I think I was like 13, my team had made it to the state finals in West Palm Beach FL. My teammates and I thought it would be a great idea to go see the movie Man On Fire before we were scheduled to compete. Of course being the juvenile I was, and I was with immature boys and a girl, we thought it would be funny to throw popcorn in front of us. This one lady in particular had this hairdo that was begging for some popcorn. So after a few throw she turns around and starts cussing us out during the movie. The guys thought it would be hilarious (don't judge me I was 13 and trying to be cool) as we were walking out to run past the lady and pretend she tripped me, since things like this rarely ever turn out as planned, I waited behind for my group to go on ahead of the lady, I take off running out of the theater into the hallway, I am even with the lady on my right, I proceed to pretend to trip, actually trip and bust up my elbow. Right in front of the lady!! I roll onto my back and am holding my elbow and she walks over to me and says, thats what you get for throwing popcorn!! I deserved that. So I get my elbow all bandaged up and were almost late to play, but we end up taking home 2nd place, me and my pretty bandaged elbow. :) 

Your Turn.


  1. Oh..I would have to say diary. Because that would give me a long sustaining career since I have a few. ;)

    BUT I remember a particularly embarrassing moment was getting drunk when I was 16 at a party on the beach with NOBODY that I knew and we had a bonfire. *Apparently* I thought that my shoes turned into super bouncy moon shoes and that I could jump over the fire. No, that didn't work out. I set my pants on fire. I was fine, no burns on me because thankfully not everyone was drunk but yeah. Drinking does not give you super bouncy moon shoes. No matter what.

  2. I'm going to have to go with the movie, too. Not just because I don't have a diary, but I assume that if I did, it would contain my most embarrassing moment. Why publish more than one of those suckers, ya know?

  3. I'm taking a break from online stuff. so my blog is closed to everyone. I'm letting you know cuz I like you. Everyone else can assume whatever.