Monday, March 22, 2010

Can we all get together?

I want to get about 1000 people together, and give every one of them a Sky Dancer and on the count of three release them. I think it might break a record, along with my bank, but hey, it sounds super fun. 

Do you remember Sky Dancers? 

I remember wanting as many as possible. Its always great to think back to the things we loved growing up. Like pog's, skip-it's, Oregon Trail and the original Transformers on super early in the morning.
Whats your favorite memory of growing up?


  1. I do remember sky dancers! I think the commercials were better than the actual toy.

    I remember when i was 7 and our school (130 students) had a scavenger hunt. We were paired up and tied to each other by our inside legs. I was made to be tied to the school bully cause he and I were the tallest. He dragged me around the whole school yard and tole me to shut up when I almost started crying. We were to just find a pair of shoes and see if there was a prize inside. The teachers said that there were 3 pogs out there in the shoes.

    We found two pairs of shoes and then we found a packet of raisins in a shoe and I was so happy. But he threw it on the ground and dragged me around again cause he said he "wants the fu#45ing pogs!"

    What a asshole. I facebooked him, he's grown up to be creepy.


  2. Dude. I remember one year at Christmas we all had to bring a gift to exchange. Since my parents were broke I brought something lame ass. I heard someone say they brought a troll. Not just a regular troll, but a TREASURE troll, the one with the gem in the belly button. You bet your ass I prayed and prayed HARD that I'd get the troll. I did and it sucked. It was a useless toy. I felt cheated. :(

  3. Those were great right until they went into someone's eye.

    PS: Fixed the Internet Circa 1993 video.

  4. I. Loved. Sky Dancers. Though they did get a bit boring after the first ten minutes, I still thought they were beautiful!

  5. I had a friend who had a couple sky dancers. I was so jealous, but my mom said that I'd get sick of it after the first day.

    I had some Barbies, but most of the time when I played by myself, I had this toy community not of dolls but of fantastical creatures in the form of random things I could find: a jump rope, a bracelet, or a feather, for example.