Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day Late...Would You Rather Wednesday...on Thursday!

So, family has been in town and I have been cramming school and homework in between, that leaves no time for blogging! So now that I have a free 37 seconds, let's do this shit!

Would you rather...

Eat a handful of hair 
Lick three public telephones?

*Things to consider-The hair hasn't been washed in a month, and its not yours. The telephones have been used by at least one person who had/has swine flu.

Hair grosses me out so bad if its not on someone's head. Even then, sometimes it can still be gross. I would lick the three telephones any day. Have a few more transients couch on them please! The grossest thing is having to clean the shower drain of hair that isn't yours. Insta-gag.

Your turn.


  1. I'm also going to take the phones because you never said what constitutes a lick. If I only use a very small part of my tongue then maybe I can disinfect that part really quick and be ok.

  2. Totally lick the phones. I couldn't eat hair. Not even my own.

  3. the phones... Eww!

  4. I would totally lick telephones. Although I'm not really a germaphobe. <-- total spelling error.