Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Would Your Rather Wednesday!!

It's that time of the week!!

Ok, here we go!!

Would You Rather Die By...
 being burned in a fire,
stabbed in the spinal chord 6 times.

I would choose being stabbed. Hopefully the first or second blow to the spinal cord would paralyze me to the point of not being able to feel it anymore. 

I hate being burned.
I worked at a pizza place making pizza's when I was 17 and as I was sliding a pizza into the oven, the back of my left hand scraped down the length of the inside of the oven door, oh man that hurt like a mother! The people inside eating probably heard the most creative words they have ever heard in their lifetime all strung together in one breath. You know what my boss said when he walked in the back after me?

He said, "Oh man, that looks like it hurt, are you able to finish your shift?". I ended up finishing it, even though you use the back of your hand frequently to stretch the dough, I managed like a trooper!!  I had to have my hand wrapped in gauze and wear a glove while cooking for the following two months. It used to be a pretty wicked scar but it has since faded to a less noticeable one. 


  1. stabbed. because I'm basically a pussy when it comes to fire. :)

  2. I'll be out back roasting marshmallows over the fire with the knife I used to stab the son of a beech who thought he would get close to my spinal cord.

    Does that count? Or am I not playing fair?

  3. @Sara- I like fire, as long as it doesn't touch me or get close to something flammable that's on/around me.

    @Jo- Im pretty sure all's fair with knives and spinal cords. :)

  4. um, i choose C none of the above :D

    I worked at pizza hut for like a week, i was cleaning the inside of the cabinet below where we "dressed" the pizza, getting all the cheese and shit from under there, and i drug my elbow against one of the metal latches that held the doors shut and it was that stainless steel sharpness! It was SO DEEP and i still have a rowdy old scar..the restaurant business is dangerous.