Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He might be from outer space.

So I went shopping last night after class and found the perfect camera for me at Target. I'm so happy to not have to lug around my bulky Canon Rebel Xt.  The new camera is waterproof. I think that's the best thing ever, and I didn't spend a fortune on it, all I want is a camera I can beat up and bang around and not worry if it breaks.
I was playing around with it this morning trying to figure out all it's function's and I found this little guy that has been hanging out on the counter for almost three years now, he doesn't get thrown away and nobody really knows what he is, but he's darn cute. I have no idea what he is and he doesn't have any sort of brand on him. So I took a picture to see how well they come out and to try to figure out what this little guy is, if anyone has an suggestion's let me know, as of now everyone refer's to him as Frank, so you can too.
Now that I have this cool little camera I want to try to document my life better, yeah I have a ton of pictures on my phone, but they all look so crappy and I wouldn't ever want to show them because of the quality, so from now on I hope to have a ton more picture's in this blog, since I started this blog originally as a picture blog I want to try to get it back to that. Don't worry though, i'm sure my long boring post's will still commence, just now there will be picture's to go along with it. :)


  1. Grats on ur new toy purchase. But man Rebel *droolz*

  2. I like Frank. Franks needs to be my friend.