Friday, April 23, 2010

Beach Day! And the beginning of Foto Friday!

So in celebration of passing my two finals I had this week, I went to the beach! I got super sunburned, I wasn't planning on it, I usually don't burn thanks to me being part Indian and having a more olive complexion, so I figured that it wouldn't hurt to throw on some SPF 4 and try to get my first tan of the season, so here's what happened. I go out and lay on my back for two hours or so and I get up and look, no tan lines, hmm, ok, so I lay for another hour, no tan lines, what the heck is going on, I try to tan my back, nothing, around 2  give up and we head home because I have to be to work at 4 and it's an hour drive home. I get home and look in the mirror and i'm a lobster. Usually if I don't use any lotion, my tan lines show up while im in the sun and I can judge about how much longer before I burn.
So now i'm fried, I cant wear pants, only shorts, the tops of my feet may possibly blister, and my thighs are so hot you can feel the heat radiating through my cargo shorts. It's slightly painful, but I love sunburns, so much, I love the beach and sun burns remind me of the beach. It's a good type of pain. I didn't get in the water though, it was too cold. The Sonj wanted to feel "beachy" so she washed her hair in the ocean, she didn't get all the way in, she stood in the calf deep water and leaned over, it was really funny when a huge wave came and soaked her, I could have said "watch out!" but where's the fun in that? I took some pictures, hope you guys like!

Everyone seems to have a "mirror" picture, so I figure I needed to get with the times. That's the new waterproof camera, and it truly is waterproof, good thing because I dropped it in the ocean twice. :)
I also found great nail polish the day before at Walgreens and it just so happened that it matched my camera...and the blue pens I use at work. I'm scared when I take it off it will have stained my nails an awkward fungi looking color.

These are the dunes you have to walk around to get to the part of the beach we go to. I took one picture of this, then didn't like how it came out so I took a second one and Sonja popped in right as I took it.

Every picture that the Sonj took of me was me in action, who poses anymore?!? Some shots were intentional and some were accidental but most of them all came out pretty well.

This is my favorite picture I took all day. When your walking up to the shoreline there's a strip probably about four feet wide and runs the length of the beach of nearly perfect shells, even as the tide was coming in, none of them washed away. It was really neat.

Here's a better picture of the weird but pretty strip of shells. Also there was a lot of crab holes and a surprising amount of crabs out during the day time. There was one huge crab hole and a big crab that kept throwing dirt out of his hole about a foot away from our blanket, his beady little black eyes were so cute.

This is the view from the very tippy top of the bridge going over the Inter-coastal Waterway, sometimes you can see a school of dolphins swimming in here and people on the boats trying to feed them. If you click on the picture im pretty sure it gets bigger and on the horizon to the right is the Kennedy space center and you can see the launch assembly building. Its really cool to see it when they roll the shuttle out, it is huge, the building looks small and the shuttle look tiny on TV but up close, holy mackerel its huge! I want to try to go see the next launch, but that depends on the work schedule.

Hope you liked! It's almost like you enjoyed the day with me, except you didnt get a tan from it. :) Dont worry, I got enough sun for all of us.

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  1. Great pics, love the color of the sand in the second to last one!