Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day Festival

Today was the Earth Day festival downtown and it was amazing! We walked around for over two hours and still didnt get it all in. All the food was amazing and im pretty sure it was all vegan, I dont remember seeing or smelling meat, so that was cool.
My favotire stand was the Homemade Soap guy, all of them smell so good and did you know you can have a "Soap Party" in your home for only 100 bucks? Its like 5 people and the guy supplies all the stuff and you end up with over 40 bars of soap. It's pretty neat, I was standing at the table smelling some soaps and the guy was tlaking about having a soap party and the lady next to me started giggling and elbowing me like im not listening, so I make a comment about how a soap party sounds fun and she replies, "Yeah, we could all get naked and wash each other with the soap we made!" I guess I had this horribly scared face on because she quickly tried to correct herself by saying, "Only if there's cute boys around". Oh lady, that's not why I was scared, I forgot to mention that she was north of 55. Yikes.
Then we found this booth that had almost every veg sticker I have wanted off different websites so much cheaper than online! I ended up getting like 20 stickers, not too sure what im going to do with them not, but I have them!
Later in the evening I decided to celebrate passing those two finals last week AGAIN by going shopping. I went to American Apparel, Oakley, and Nike. I may have no money now but at least I can play the poor college student easier. Now tat I have unpacked all of my findings and put in a load of laundry to wash over-night, I think it's time for bed. :)

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  1. Sweet- that sounds like fun! I went shopping for a littel while last night and hit up Barnes & Noble and Kohl's. I got two shirts and a cami at Kohl's, and then two books for me, one for each of the kids, and Curb Your Enthusiasm Season One at BN. Nice.