Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Would You Rather Wednesday!! (Actually on Wednesday this week!!)

Ok, so I was brushing my teeth and thought of a fun one for this weeks Would You Rather.

Would You Rather...
Have super white teeth, but ample amounts of face hair
Have super white teeth, but oddly disproportioned arms.

Things to Consider: If you shave the hair, it grows back within a day, long sleeve shirts, clothes in general, razor blade prices.

I would pick the ample amounts of face hair. I could shave my head, tape my chest down and be fricken Paul Bunyon for a month. With super white teeth. :) 


  1. I'm also going to go with the facial hair, mostly because one of my friends' fiances is like that and he seems to be managing it alright. But the guy has to shave four times a day: when he wakes up, during lunch, after work, and before bed. He keeps an electric razor in his car...

  2. I would take the facial hair too. I mean, they have waxing and surgeries nowadays for that. ;)